About Us

About Us

About SN Developers

SN Developers is one of the leading Real Estate Representatives in Chennai. Established in the year 2015, With a huge range of Chennai properties for sale across the city, we have Apartments, Row Houses, penthouses, lake-view homes, luxury villas, Individual House, Land and more. If you have a property that you want to list on our site, invest in Chennai property or if you are looking to buy property in Chennai, we can help guide you through the process.

SN developers are a Chennai -based combination that has delivered, for more than 220 UNITS in realty sector, its administrations with regards to its core value, trust and commitment. Withprudent beginnings, SND Group has made a prominent name for itself in the REALTY & CONSTRUCTION industry.


Main Focus

One of the main focuses of the SND Group is to make sure that the investments their clients make are the best that they can be...


Our Goals

We will work very closely with you during the the project, which is due to the fact that our main goal is make sure that your desires are met.

SND Belief System

At the core of SN developers is a conviction that who you are in business with matters. We believe that the company we keep can contribute to our lives in untold ways. To help cement this understanding,

we’ve formalized a belief system that guides how we treat each other and how we do business.

belief system
  • Win - Win No deal
  • ReliablityDo the right thing
  • Customersalways & ever has to come first
  • Commitmentin all things
  • Communicationseek first to understand
  • Creativity ideas before results
  • Teamworktogether everyone achieves more
  • Truststarts with honesty
  • Successresults through people

missionOur Mission

We will incorporate proven, state of the art techniques in marketing, managing and selling residential and land by actively growing our listings of the top properties available in the city and subsequently the region and by expanding our offers, networks and resources based on our clients’ needs to deliver exceptional customer service.

missionOur Vision

We strive to be the most reliable, professional and trusted property management and real estate advisor firm in the Chennai.

missionOur Values

God, Family, then Business

Our Perspective

Our Perspective

A technology company that provides the real estate platform that our agents' buyers and sellers prefer. SN developers thinks like a top producer, acts like a trainer-consultant, and focuses all its activities on service, productivity, and profitability.

Our Perspective

What We Can Do For You

SN Developers can walk you through the entire process from beginning to end, no matter what your property needs are. We can source the best deals for you and no matter the request we are confident that we can meet your expectations, all you need to do is give us a call, and one of our professional, friendly agents will be happy to discuss your property needs. This is precisely what SN Developers can provide you with; a transparent and honest approach that can strengthen our relationship as we assist you with the buying process.

Our Perspective

Professional and Efficient

The reputation that we have built for ourselves didn’t happen overnight; SN Developers has worked hard to help those who want to buy property in Chennai for almost a decade, and we know that we offer the best in a wide range of properties for sale in Chennai that could meet your needs. We are proud of our approach to our service, one that is bespoke for every client that we meet.